Growing up on a farm can be a wonderful thing, surrounded by nature, animals and endless space to run free.  Children living in rural Alberta are at particularly high risk of injury due to the elements that surround them.  

It is important that adults take safety precautions so that children do not get in harms way. Children may not be aware that they are in an unsafe situation.  It is important to teach kids what is appropriate and what may be deemed as unsafe behaviour. Your child should not do any activity that he or she is not physically and developmentally ready for, even if raised on a farm.

Adults can help lower the risk of a child getting hurt by knowing what to expect at different stages of development. By your own actions, show your child the safest way to do things and how to follow safety rules. 



  •  Don't leave children unattended for long periods of time.

  • When children visit the farm, farmers and parents should always explain the dangers.

  • After dark there should be proper lighting in the areas where kids are playing.

  • Farm yards should be kept tidy and free from any hazards that may cause trips and falls.

  • Extra clothing layers should be tucked in and jackets closed with no hanging strings to ensure they don’t get snagged or entangled in machinery.

  • Farmers should only give children jobs that are suitable for their age, for example: feeding hens, stacking buckets.

  • Always ensure there is a suitable play area set up away from the yard.

  • Farmers should lead by example and show children how to prevent farm accidents.

  • All families should have a farm safety action plan and as well as a first aid kit stocked and accessible.

  • Make sure kids stay hydrated and covered up during hot summer days while running around in the direct sunlight. 

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