Ag for Life’s Rural Safety Unit is on-the-road and ready to travel to schools, communities, fairs, festivals and other events to educate, encourage and promote rural and farm safety. Programming is aimed at youth and their families, who live on, work, play, or visit farms and ranches.

The mobile unit is operated by our team of program specialists who travel across the province connecting visitors with important rural and farm safety information. With seven interactive stations, participants have the opportunity to learn while they engage with digital, tactile and mechanical interactive displays.

Station Topics Include:


Additional topics and content will continue to be added each year to ensure new, relevant and engaging safety educational experience awaits the user.

Booking Fee

School Events: No Charge
Community Event Day Rate $2,500


The Rural Safety Unit operates between April and October each year. School programs are geared towards grades 6-12 and community event programming can be tailored towards families attending.

Contact us for more information or take a video tour of the Safety Unit.  

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