The Negative Side-Effects of Multitasking

How often do you multitask in a day? Are you multitasking now?

Study after study researchers have found that a multitasking worker is more likely to: Make mistakes Experience higher stress Remember fewer details React more slowly

Increase the rise of injury to themselves and others

People trying to do two things at once are actually switching back and forth. And each time they switch, there’s a cost in time and cognitive load. It’s the same as constant interruption. The result: projects take longer to complete, and they’re not done as well. The brain needs to focus.

Some straightforward solutions can reduce distraction and the resulting injuries in any work environment: Focus on one thing at a time. Practice being present in the moment. Put down the phone. Enforce a no distraction rule such as no texting and driving! Eliminating distractions will help you get more done with less stress and more awareness of your surroundings and safety risks. Stay Safe!


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