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Equipment & Machines

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Agriculture, which has high rates of fatalities and serious injuries, ranks among the most dangerous professions in Alberta.  Machinery greatly increases efficiency and productivity in farm workplaces, but at the same time introduces some deadly hazards. 70 per cent of agricultural fatalities are machine-related due to machine rollovers, run-overs and entanglements.  Providing farmers and ranchers tips and information on how to operate machinery safely and use protective equipment correctly can help reduce the number of accidents.


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  • According to Transport Canada, two-thirds of all “deadly accidents” happen on rural roads, in the country, where speed limits are faster and the roads aren't as well-lit as they are inside the city. Drivers are more likely to find poor or unexpected conditions on rural roads, than in the city, and there's always the danger of coming across animals that can appear out of nowhere(Government of Canada,2020).

  • Ensure shields and guards are in place on all farm equipment.

  • Keep safe distance behind farm equipment so farmers can see you. If you can't see his mirrors, he can't see you.

  • Be especially cautious of farm equipment turning left onto driveways or fields. 

  • All shields and guards should be in place and in good condition. 

  • Make your farm a safer place by developing good practices for operating vehicles and machinery.

  • Do not operate farm machinery or vehicles when impaired. This includes alcohol, marijuana use and some medication which can cause drowsiness.  

  • Always circle check before you start. Check for visibility, lights, tires and brakes. Ensure the exhaust system is in good condition and leak free. Ensure the spaces around you are free from hazards such as pets, livestock and children. 

  • Only use machinery and vehicles for their intended purposes.

  • Do not carry more passengers on machines or vehicles than recommended.

  • Always keep your hands, feet and body in general clear of moving parts. 

  • Teach children safety fundamentals. This includes clearly identifying where farm machinery and vehicles are operated, and where they may not play. Children need to develop a healthy respect for the potential dangers of being near a moving machine or vehicle, and learn how to stay safe.

  • Have an emergency plan and review it often with anyone who is regularly at your farm. This plan should include contact information for local emergency responders, and contact information for friends or relatives who can be called if something goes wrong.

  • Be patient with motorists on the road and pass with caution when it is safe to do so.


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